Communicate Honestly and Transparently

At BlackJet Software, we believe in communicating with all our clients in an honest and clear way. Communication is at the heart of the software development process and we will strive to avoid confusing you with unnecessary jargon or buzzwords.

It is very important to us that we understand your requirements fully, and that you understand what we plan to deliver. To help achieve this, we use a variety of techniques, from asking questions to creating mock-ups, prototypes, flow diagrams and system design documents, to ensure we have a deep understanding of what you need, and to ensure you understand how we intend to meet your requirements.

We will always take time to understand your needs, and confirm our understanding with you every step of the way. When proposing solutions, we will present them in the clearest way possible, using the most appropriate format, to reduce any possibility of a misunderstanding and to help you understand what we intend to deliver.

Working in this way, we can be sure to deliver the right system to meet your needs.