Interactive Websites

Interactive, Database-backed Websites

At BlackJet Software, we have experience building websites that dates back to 1996, when the World Wide Web was only a few years old. These early websites were small informational sites with just a few pages, which were very typical of the time, and these were usually viewed on the prevalent web browsers of the day – Mosaic and Netscape Navigator.

Since these early days, we have extended our knowledge and experience, which has grown with the technology, to equip us with the skills and judgement needed to build, and extend, the complex and powerful systems required by business today.

We have experience building everything from high-traffic systems that support tens of thousands of users, and over a quarter of a million monthly visitors, to highly-interactive, dynamic websites for managing the complex calculations used by the insurance industry to produce prices tailored to each customer. Our experience encompasses everything from full system design to building large scale, interactive systems from the ground up, and augmenting legacy systems with modern web interfaces and 3rd party web service integration.

In the early 2000s, before Facebook and Myspace, we built one of the first social networks, which provided a platform for DJs and bands to promote their skills and list their events, and offered event-goers the opportunity to interact with their favourite performers and communicate with one another. We supported the website through a sustained period of massive growth through its early years, and we continued to evolve the system’s architecture and underlying technology to handle the increasing demand from new visitors. The system’s first incarnation was built using Microsoft technologies that were prevalent at the time – Classic ASP and Microsoft Access database technology – then, some time later, we evolved the system to exploit the performance benefits offered in Microsoft’s newly-released .NET platform and newer version of SQL Server.

We have now successfully built many web-based systems, taking advantage of new technologies as they become available and once we have evaluated each for its suitability.

We have a great deal of experience building highly-interactive websites, offering the rich user experience that is now possible with the new wave of client-side technologies, such as AJAX, JQuery, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Whether you need a completely new web-based system, an extension to an existing system, or a rewrite of a legacy web application, please contact us to discuss how we can help.