Web Service Integration

Web Services and 3rd Party System Integration

Twenty years ago, when computers had a fraction of the power they have today, and before networking technology was commonplace, it was rare for software systems to ever need to communicate with other systems. Of course, these days this situation has reversed, and it is rare for a system to run in isolation, never communicating with other machines. The ability to send machine-readable messages to other systems, which may be managed by other development teams, using different technologies, and located on the opposite side of the world, is now taken for granted and this capability is a vital part of most modern business applications.

At BlackJet Software, we each have over 16 years of experience building software applications that communicate across multiple tiers, from simple client-server based architectures built by a single team, using the same technology stack throughout the system, to designing technical web service contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) that are a necessary part of communicating between heterogeneous technologies built by teams from different companies.

Every integration project has different requirements and constraints but, with our experience and skills, we have the judgement and tools to address almost any integration challenge. We have extensive experience of XML, and related technologies such as WCF, XSD, XSLT and XPath, which, together with SOAP, form the cornerstone of many integrations.

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